auLego (2009)

Swarming Signal Processing
群れるマルチエフェクトプラグイン (AudioUnit)
Yuta Uozumi x Shota Kagami


Delay, Flanger, EQ, LowBitなど、複数のエフェクターが微生物や化学物質のように、捕食/被捕食の連鎖で結合と離散を繰り返し、パッチ(接続)を形成し、音のルートを変化させていく。

An Audio plug-in based on multi-agent system.

Each unit of sound effector behave as agents. The agents, which are expressed as cubes, interact with each other using prey-predator model.This model and parameters were designed for generating glitch beat/sound by author.

As the results of this process, effectors are patched dynamically with relations of each other. In addition, the parameters of each effector is changed according to the coordinates of each agent. All actions and moving of each agent relate the each others. The sounds, glitch sound/beat can get organic transition via the complex context without automation in DAW.